Proof: Boxers Are Great With Children

Last night, Hogan met his first toddler.

I was a little nervous that either he would be too rough with her or she would be too rough with him. After all, boxer puppies are bouncy and full of energy, while toddlers can be unpredictable and yank on body parts. I was very wrong! They are perfect for each other!

You can check out the video of this wonderful encounter here.

Never once did he nip, jump, climb or pull on his new found friend. I’ve always heard people say boxers are great with kids because they intuitively know how they should play with a child dependent on their age. Well, Hogan is proof of that. He was completely calm and docile around my boyfriend’s niece, but later that night, when Hogan met the neighbor’s 7 year old child, he climbed all over that kid.

Hogan also met a new doggy friend, a terrier mix. I just love how great he is with dogs of all sizes, never meets a stranger!  So far he has already met 7 dogs 🙂 Even though his best friend is a huge german shepherd/husky mix, I think he thoroughly enjoyed playing with dogs (and people!) his size last night!

What about you and your boxer? How is your puppy doing on socializing this week?