About Me

“Indeed, our lives have been enriched beyond measure because of the love of a dog. We have been adopted by that most irrepressible of clowns, that most intuitive of comforters, that most selfless of companions-the Boxer.” 

 Thanks for visiting The Boxer Weekly, where lovers of the breed can share and learn about training, caring for and keeping healthy their favorite pooches!

I invite you to join me on my journey through puppyhood with my new baby. Whether you have just brought your puppy home, or are simply looking for ways to enrich your adult boxer’s life, The Boxer Weekly is your source for information on health, training and the like.

Meet Hogan, the star of my show! :

He is my inspiration for this blog. I fell in love with the breed three years ago when I met my first college boyfriend who happened to have two boxers. Though the relationship didn’t last, my boxer obsession did not faultier! When I was 19, I purchased my first boxer puppy from a backyard breeder. Two years later, due to extremely unfortunate circumstances outside anyone’s control, we had to put him down. While I was absolutely devastated, I was also determined to be more informed before acquiring the next love of my life. Insert Hogan! I spent hours reading up on the breed, and finally chose a breeder that I thought would give me the healthiest, happiest puppy.

Let me just say, I am not a pure-bred snob. Our family is full of mixed-breed dogs that we love dearly. I fully support the idea of adopting from shelters as well. However, due to my particular circumstance, I wanted a dog that I knew had the best chance of being healthy both physically and mentally. However, this blog is for ALL boxers: pure, mixed, abandoned, etc.

NOTE : I am not a vet, vet tech, animal behaviorist or anything close to the above. I am simply a boxer philanthropist who hopes to help inform other boxer owners of both the very rewarding advantages along with the hidden issues of owning a boxer.



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